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Via Darren Wayne Evans
I was just having a look on the Paranormal thread when I saw a thread about Zozo the Ouija Demon and began to read. The last part of a strange tale that happened to me last year gained a whole lot more significance, and realized how close I got to extreme paranormal danger.

Last year, I was with my friend alone in her desolate country house. I told her about Ouija boards, as I was very into ghosts and so on at that point, and we decided to have a go at making one. While she made lunch, I made a scrappy Ouija board out of a pizza box and Sharpie. We went to her room to use it. We didn’t believe it at all at first, and insisted it was the other moving it as usually happens.

We talked to a girl named Mary who seemed to be about 6-7, and just kept talking about her mummy who she wanted. She kept saying ‘mummy went in winter’, ‘it was so cold’ and ‘i feel really sick’. Eventually we had to go and take her dog for a walk, and had to leave the board. Mary was very distressed at this, and just moved the pointer to ‘mummummummummum’ until we has to move the pointer to goodbye.

When we got back, we decided to do this again as it had been very interesting. We talked to a boy, who told us about how he begged for a living and then left. After a short break, we talked to Sarah. We talked to her for three hours, about every intricacy of her life. From her three pet cows (Daisy, Buttercup and Rose) who lived with her on her farm in Middleton, a place we had never even heard of. She told us how she loved to swim in the river. She told us how her dad had died in WWII. She said that her mother, her sister and her had perished in a bomb, along with Daisy, Buttercup and Rose. When we asked her about friends, she would not reply and moved the pointer to the moon. (After we finished with the board, we looked up Middleton. It’s set on a river. We also accessed records, and it gave us the name of her dad – the year he had died in – in battle according to the website – was the same as the year Sarah gave us.)

About three hours into our talk with Sarah, she suddenly moved the pointer to say ‘Shhh, evil’. We were instantly on edge, as two then-thirteen year old girls being told to be quiet due to an evil presence would naturally be terrified suddenly Sarah said ‘go now now now now now’ and moved the pointer between the N, O and W for about five seconds very rapidly. Then we tried to close the board, but before we could the pointer shifted to Z, then O slowly. Then faster, and faster and faster. I had heard nothing of ‘Zozo’ and simply had read that if it went between two letters quickly it could open a portal for demons to come through. I immediately forced the pointed to goodbye and buried the board outside in the rapidly darkening garden. I wonder now what would have happened if we had stuck with our conversation, and talked to Zozo. Any thoughts?

(I just remembered that I set up a stand and videoed this on my old phone, I’ll try and find out if I can get the video onto here)

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