Texas boy claims Ouija board told him to stab friend

Original story here: Texas boy claims Ouija board told him to stab friend. By Jared Taylor MCALLEN, Texas, March 16 (Reuters) – A Texas teenager charged in the stabbing of his 14-year-old friend said a Ouija board told him to… Continue Reading

I Am ZoZo to play at the Charlotte Film Festival on March 26th!

Charlotte Film Festival

Click the link for more info! http://www.charlottefilmfestival.org/zozo Charlotte Film Festival Tix for this show go on sale the Thursday before the screening. Showtime: Monday, March 26: 8:45pm Price: $10.00 (includes COMPLIMENTARY PARKING…see less… Ticket price includes up to 3 hours… Continue Reading

Listen now – Scott and Zack interviewed about their Ouija movie “I Am ZoZo” for Party 93.4!

DJ Tony Slade interviewed us a couple weeks ago for his show and the podcast has been archived here: http://www.party934.biz/download.php?file=Tony_Slade_February_22_2012.mp3 It was a fun hour and we really got to discuss the music from the film as well as how… Continue Reading

I Am ZoZo takes top honors at United States Super 8 Film Festival!

It was a wild weekend for the I Am ZoZo gang as we attended the United States Super 8 Film Festival as part of the NJ film Fest at Rutgers University. I Am ZoZo played to packed house and came… Continue Reading

Zozo The Ouija Demon – April’s Story

My name is April I’m 21 and have a story to tell you about the experience I had with the infamous Ouija Board. You have heard stories of Zozo the demon right? Well he is real and I have read… Continue Reading

Zaza Ouija encounter causes skeptic doctor to become a believer

Reposted from Darren Evans’ Facebook Hey Darren, so to start off right, I am 30 years old, I am a doctor. I never really believed in the quija, was a skeptic. Being a man of science. Recently my little sister… Continue Reading

I Am ZoZo Premiering at the United States Super 8 Film Festival!

Come join us if you can, Scott and Zack will be in attendance! Facebook Event Link Filmmakers Scott DiLalla and Zack Coffman would like to spread the good news about their film, “I Am ZoZo” getting into and showing at… Continue Reading

Ouija spirit gets Super 8 treatment – I Am ZoZo filmmakers interviewed for Kodak InCamera magazine

Focus On Film Ouija spirit gets Super 8 treatment I Am ZoZo is an independent horror film inspired by accounts of real supernatural events. The story concerns a Ouija board experience that goes wrong on Halloween weekend and five young… Continue Reading