Ouija Board & Zozo Phenomena on Coast to Coast

Ouija Board historian Robert Murch and Zozologist Darren Evans joined Dave Schrader on Coast to Coast for the entire program to discuss the history of Ouija Boards, the ZoZo phenomena, and strange cases where crimes have been committed as a result of using the Ouija. Murch traced the Ouija Board to the talking board developed in Ohio in 1886. The planchette came out of France in the 1850s and existed as a separate device used for auto writing sessions…
Listen to the entire program here.

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  1. The movie which I just got home from watching scared the living hell out of me!lol-I sat in the very first row of seats right smack in the middle right smack in front of the screen as I wanted to be as close as I could get as I have an easier time trying to escape from everyday life for awhile and live the movie with the characters and actors and it scared the ever living crud out of me!lol! I also saw the Ghost Adventures about ZOZO-that scared the crud out of me as well!I would never mess with a OUIJA BOARD-those things are BAD NEWS. (oh by the way guys it’s OUIJA not OUIJI-it comes from the french and german words for oui and ya-OUIJA-just thought I’d give you a little background pronounciation information-aslo watch the movie WITCHBOARD-with STEPHEN NICHOLS and TAWNY KITAEN-Brandon even says it in the movie and he’s right-I know-I looked it up once on the computer). I am also a strong believer in ghosts and the afterlife and spirits and the paranormal-would love to someday go with you guys on a hunt!I also love vampires-but only the more recent anne rice,Vamoire Diaries,and PORT CHARLES -CALEB MORLEY type vampires-oh and also JOHNNY DEPPS’ VERSION of BARNABUS COLLINS and the vampires in the movie THE LOST BOYS(sorry I love the beautiful young looking vampires-lol). I LOVE GHOSTS AND VAMPIRES-and I DON’T BELIEVE IN ALIENS(no such thing as Aliens unless someone shows me real proof of a real live alien)and I don’t believe in:Sasquatch. I do believe in witches-but only like WICCAN-good ones,but the ones in a pointed top hat that flies around on a broom-they’re fake. I don’t believe in Frankenstein either or Wolfman or anything like that-mainly ghosts and vampires.

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