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“A visually stunning arthouse picture.”

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Ouija Board Movie

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Ouija movie Soundtrack I Am ZoZo

Featuring the music of Sun Kil Moon, Windsor for the Derby, Blood Warrior, and the amazing original score by BC Smith.
Track Listings
1. He Owns Me (Kelly McLaren)
2. Tess (BC Smith)
3. Intro (BC Smith)
4. I Was Normal (BC Smith)
5. Solo Con Te (London Below)
6. Time Passes (BC Smith)
7. Ouija (BC Smith)
8. Who Are You? (BC Smith)
9. Missing Card (BC Smith)
10. Attack (BC Smith)
11. Ghost Story (BC Smith)
12. Forgotten (Windsor for the Derby)
13. Heron Blue (Sun Kil Moon)
14. I Am ZoZo (BC Smith)
15. Heaven (Blood Warrior)
16. What is ZoZo? (Kelly McLaren)
17. Tess’ Theme (Aniela Perry)


  1. I do not believe anything that I hear. I don’t beilbel that the Ouja Bord will possess you. I would need to see with my own eyes. So yes I’m doubting all of this.

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