We’re streaming a LIVE ghost hunt on Friday the 13th!

We joined forces with LiveSciFi.tv to stream LIVE ghost hunts and paranormal investigations online! Here’s the press release from LiveSciFi.tv. This is gonna be so awesome!

LIVE Ghost Hunting Paranormal
Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the RELAUNCH of LiveSciFi.tv! There’s so much great news to report so we’ll just get right to it.

1. As you can see, we’re going back to the Sallie House on April, Friday the 13th for our next LIVE ghost hunt. We’ve changed the site and made it much easier for everyone to watch the entire 72 hour show for FREE! We’ve integrated a new CHAT platform as well and hope everyone logs in and join us on this unique interactive adventure. The Sallie House is widely known as “the most haunted house in America” and we’re bringing along some special items to amp up the para-psychic energy while we explore, eat, and SLEEP in the house for 72 hours straight. It’s gonna be wild.

Sallie House (Sally House Ghost)
Sallie House (Sally House)

2. We’re also integrating all of our Facebook pages, so PLEASE take a quick second to “LIKE” our main fan page and SHARE it with anyone that might enjoy the adventure.

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3. We’ve joined forces with award-winning filmmakers Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman of killer LA-based indie film outfit One World Studios Ltd. and along with all your support we’ll be taking Live SciFi to insane new heights of LIVE paranormal investigation. Take a quick minute and check out the site for One World’s new Ouija movie “I Am ZoZo” about a true Ouija board possession by the demon ZoZo.

4. Get a taste of the new site and check it out this Friday-Sunday March 23rd-25th as we will be streaming LIVE at the “Science of Spirit” paranormal conference this weekend. Taking place at the Glen Tavern Inn, the event is hosted by Ghostown.tv’s Bill Murphy (Fact or Fiction). There are several awesome guest speakers scheduled including: Paul Bradford (Ghost Hunters International), The LA Paranormal Association, and our very own Tim and Patrick. Come by if you can!

Sallie House (Sally House Ghost)
sally house (sally house)
That’s it for now, we’re headed back to the shop to test some more of Tim’s amazing paranormal techno-gadgets. See you in a couple weeks at the Sallie House!

Thanks as always for your support. We couldn’t continue surviving independently without you.

Stay independent,
Tim, Scott, Patrick, Zack and the One World/Live SciFi gang