The Leon Autumn Zozo experience

Via Darren Wayne Evans

I was always very skeptical of spirits and ghosts until I had this experience. I don’t know what they are, all I know is that I believe these entities exist now.

I was reading through the true stories section and I saw something that caught my eye: Zozo. I had a run in with this entity via a Ouija board, and I thought I was crazy until I saw that many other people had the exact same experience. My friend and I had just gotten a Ouija board and decided to play it all night. Well, I got ahold of someone, or something, called Zozo. The planchette would move very violently, and when it would get frustrated it would just sway from Z to O continuously. Every time I used the ouija board after that, Zozo would be the only one I could talk to.

One night it asked me to say something, and I was very apprehensive about it because the fact I had contacted the same spirit so many times in a row I figured it was watching me. It asked me to say, “Ramazama Jamal.” I did some research and couldn’t find these words in any language. Zozo was very pushy about it and got very frustrated and caused the planchette to actually shoot off the board a couple of times. Being the adventurous (and now I know stupid) person I am, I said it anyway, and I wished I hadn’t.

Anywhere between 3-4 a.m. every morning I would be awoken by my cupboards slamming, and I would have to get up and ask them to stop. And they would, promptly. I would have terrible nightmares every night that caused my chest to tighten and become cold. I would wake up panting from loss of breath, but one night I felt eyes upon my back. I wasn’t woken up by my cupboards this time; it was as if something called me from my dream to wake up.

When I turned around, I saw a shadow on the wall. I thought a friend had come in, so I asked them what they wanted. No reply. And then the shadow came out of my wall and became this black mass, faceless and blacker than black in the silhouette of a woman. The only distinction I had of its sex was that it tilted its head at one point and it had long hair. I was paralyzed with fear, and could barely push the words out of my throat. I asked it if it was Zozo, and it seemed to nod. Its head just moved from side to side like it was inquisitive, yet already knew everything. I asked it to go away and I covered my eyes. When I took my hands off it was gone. I moved out of that apartment a month later.

Leon Autumn

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  1. What did you do to get rid of it? Right now I’m having horrible nightmares consistently every night and I know it’s zozo. They all follow the same pattern.

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