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I Am ZoZo is the first feature film in history to be shot exclusively with Kodak’s new Vision 3 200T Super 8mm film stock. Kodak 200T Vision3 Super 8mm Big thanks to Kodak for their support.

The camera for I Am ZoZo is the legendary Canon 1014-XLS and has been crystal synced for sound by The Film Group.

Canon 1014-xls
Canon 1014-XLS

Along with some great buddies, Scott has built two camera rigs to provide an amazing “natural” steady look.
Earl Kane
Earl Kane of Earl’s Bikes

“Pics from our trip to the great Pacific Northwest to shoot our first fictional feature, the psychological horror film called “I Am ZoZo”.”

From Zack & Scott make a horror film, posted by Zack Coffman on 8/29/2010 (94 items)

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  1. Hi There,

    I’m currently trying to get my own short Super 8mm film off the ground in Britian. Is it possible to tell me how you found the Canon 1014-XLS in really low light conditions, what lenes you used and did you shoot in anamorphic (if so how did you achieve this?)?

    Sorry for all the questions all the best with the film, I’d be interested to see it.

    Many thanks

    Tony Cook

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