Zaza Ouija encounter causes skeptic doctor to become a believer

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Hey Darren, so to start off right, I am 30 years old, I am a doctor. I never really believed in the quija, was a skeptic. Being a man of science. Recently my little sister (22) brought one over to use, for a night of “scary” fun.

The first time the planchette moved an individual whom recently killed themself contacted us, it turned out to be a friend of someone in the room, who wasn’t touching the planchette, to give her a message. After that we were all a bit spooked, being the 2 whom were touching the planchette had no idea who this was, or that they ever existed for that matter. Only one person in the room did.

Now after that… ZAZA over and over again, spelled out S-E-X , then jibborish, we put the board away. Last night one more time we tried, spelled out MAMA, at an alarmingly quick pace. As if the planchette was being pushed by myself and another. Upon asking questions of what that means and is it a name? The planchette continued on to the corners of the board (the pictures) and continued on in a figure 8 all around the board. Even at one point counting down the alphabet backwards from Z – A. When we took our hands off the planchette it continued to move for another second at max on its own.

I just did some research and I am realizing this may be an evil entity trying to harm any one of us.Is this true ? Please tell me what I should do.

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  1. I’m only 15 and your probably thinking I know nothing about this but it’s true there’s sooo many things that can go wrong with a ouija board and when you play your basically letting demons/spirits in your house if you want to know more just look up the demon Zozo similar stories to this one

  2. Ummm…..when it goes through the alphabet and does the corners…that means the demond is realeasing itself from the board to ‘get revenge’ on the players…

  3. I know this is late, but if I were you, I would not touch that board ever again. I would find a way to destroy it so you slam the door shut for good. I am no expert nor particularly superstitious, but the counting backwards is it ( I do not use he or she, for it is unworthy of such a title) trying to break loose and attach itself to you, as in permanently, as in Linda Blair’s pea soup coming out of certain orifices. Burn the damn thing and find yourself a Catholic priest, or better yet, especially if things worsen (physical manifestations, bad dreams,) go to the nearest big city you can find; take time off work to reach it if you have to. Large cities tend to have archbishops and cardinals. These guys appoint exorcists and would know where to find one. Tell him everything. See if he is willing to bless the room and help you dispose of the board. (I mainly recommend the Catholics as they are some of the only religious that still deal with this sort of thing often; Protestants have largely given up and Jews…well, most of ’em don’t and the ones that do are a little bit cloistered and hard to get.)

    OTT, I have a bad feeling that this Zaza and Zozo might be a code word for a much worse creature that has been around for a lot longer than whatever he claims. I suspect his real name might be Azazel. I am not a hysterical person normally, but if my suspicions are correct, and I say nothing on the matter, I would be doing you a huge disservice. Demons usually do not give out their real names as it can give power over them. This thing I think is being particularly clever as he is not technically lying as ZAZA is part of his name and he is removing the suffix -EL from his name since in Hebrew that is a word that means God. (Example: the common name MICHAEL is translated as “Who is like God?” and is the name of a very powerful warrior angel. In Judeo Christian lore he is the guardian of Israel, a recognized saint, and general all around bane of existence to Satan whom he threw out of heaven. The name has been around for centuries because of this.) If this thing is Azazel, he is very dangerous and pretty high up on the demon food chain. BEWARE.

  4. well let me tell you this MAMA is not harmful she is a protector ZAZA and MAMA fight ZAZA and MAMA try to get the board all to him/her self. MAMA doesn’t like you to use the board because of ZAZA

  5. I’ve had the same spirit contact my board and bad things did happen… I ended up splitting the board in eight prices dug a hole placed the peices face down in the hole, covered it up and all of us spread a cross of salt over the top of it and said a prayer.. All the bad things stopped instantly after done so…

  6. If, when using an Ouija board, you come across an entity that introduces itself as Zozo, proceed with extreme caution. Zozo is the daughter of Lucifer, and has a twin sister Lily. Unlike Zozo, Lily is good and will appear through the board, asking for help. Shortly afterwards, Zozo will come through. Do not continue with the board. Zozo is extremely dangerous, and doesn’t care who you are. Never, especially when coversing with Zozo, let the planchette count down from 9 to 1, or move in a figure of eight motion- this means the spirit is attempting to get out of the board. Zozo is evil, and she will attach herself to any unlucky person that she comes across. Should you choose to speak to her, do not anger or irritate her in any way, close the board down properly, immediately. If by any chance Zozo manages to get out of the board, then get help straightaway. If you hear a clicking noise, or any strange noise coming from above you, run. Look down, look left, look right but NEVER look up. She hates being seen.

  7. If it goes in figure eights it’s evil. If it goes to the four corners of the board or counts down backwards (z-a or 9-0) it’s trying to escape the board.

  8. When I was very young, which was a very long time ago, I would toy with the OUIJA. I often got the figure 8 (perhaps it was the infinity sign) and ZOZO repeated over and over, which I took as OZ over and over.

    Nothing ever harmful came of it at all. The only thing that came along with it was, when that happened, I would expect that the entity did not know much, which is what happened and I usually just put the board to one side as being unproductive.

    There is a theory that ZOZO is a thought form, something built up over the ages from many who had used the board. That makes sense in a way because it does not seem to know much. The 8 actually could be infinity, another thing that could be the product of group-think, as it is a universal symbol. Maybe the ZO really is OZ, too, as in Disney.

    This, I think, is a very common occurrence. So common that, although most of my friends also got the ‘entity’, nothing bad ever ensued with them, either. I just would advise putting the board aside and not wasting your time once you get this message – and if all the other posters are right and it is evil, you’d do the same anyway.

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