Zozo encounter with poltergeist type activity

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I am 35 years old and I have been playing on the Ouija board for years (since I was in middle school). I have never came in contact with the spirit “Zozo” until two nights ago. Before Zozo showed up we kept getting different names from the board who all claimed to be “evil spirits” but when we would ask them questions it would move fast and keep going over the same letters over and over again, not spelling anything that made any since. After about 3 or 4 different names this Zozo person showed up. He said he was a “bad spirit” right off the bat. Then he kept saying his name over and over again very fast and saying he was here for “you”. I was the one asking all the questions so I asked if he meant me and he said yes. He was moving around the board with great speed and was spelling stuff out without us even asking him questions. This was the first time we encountered this Zozo. We played again tonight and again Zozo showed up. He was saying stuff about seeing my 16 year old daughter naked and he wanted to take the 4 girls in the house to “paradise” only 3 of the 4 were even downstairs. My 16 year old wasn’t even playing. She was only watching till he insisted she “talk” on the board. My other daughter who is 12 was upstairs sleeping. When we asked where “his paradise” was…he said hell. I told him we didn’t want to go and he couldn’t make us, he started moving around and around the yes very fast. We caught some of this on video until my daughter got freaked out and wouldn’t record anymore. We got all of the the audio for the session, however. After Zozo told us goodbye we took pictures around the downstairs area and found faces and figures of a man in our kitchen and the kitchen window area. Also, about an hour or hour and a half before we started with our Ouija Board we had a strong sulfur smell that started in the living room and moved around the downstairs area. We thought it was something on fire in our apartment but could find nothing. The smell just kept moving around till it finally went away. Has anyone else had this type of experience? I have been looking up sites on Zozo and a lot of the same stuff has happened to them. Since we have been talking to this Zozo we have had weird stuff happening around the house. Loud bangs on the walls, small tapping and scratching noises, and our dryer door keeps opening on it’s own. We have a front loading washer and dryer and the washer door is easy to open but you have to pull hard on the dryer door. We plainly heard someone walk down the stairs, into the hallway, stepping on a garbage bag of cloths that was by the washer, then we heard the dryer door open. First off we were sitting on the couch which is in straight view of the stairs and there wasn’t anything there but we heard the footsteps. Then we looked down the hall and no one was there and the dryer door was open. Then today our dishwasher turned its self on when no one was in the kitchen. If anyone has talked to this Zozo and any of this type of stuff or anything else weird happen around there house….please share you story with us or give us some kind of info on how to get rid of Zozo. Thanks!

Editors note: Here again the entity says it wants to take females to “paradise.” When you then ask where paradise is, it spells H.E.L.L. In many stories the entity will spell out perverse outbursts of a sexual nature.


  1. The very first time i played the ouija board, i cam into contact with ZoZo. Ever since then whenever i play the board, the Only one it let’s me talk to is ZoZo. The board said that i have 7 demons following me. It also said that zozo is attached to me. He follow’s me… It’s getting worse. How do i get rid of it?):

  2. hey i have had thie zozo come through also but very worried now as i have a 5month old daughter and have read what this thing is capable.i asked it as i read it likes it picture taking and yes i got on on my microwave door of faces in it which looked a bit scary.but its weird nothing has happened yeah i heard tapping noises last night but no real bad thing so does this mean it may not haunt me and just leave me be or is it just working up to getting worse with it need advice.

  3. Every time I do a ouiji board i always come across Zozo he says he wants me to join his army and says im to strong to hurt but it will possess me at some point he continues doing the figure of eight none stop i have spoke to a few others but Zozo always seems to take over he knows my middle name all personal experience and continues to haunt me he says he wants to take my life so i can join him not as a participant in hell but a poltergueist i continue to do ouiji boards as its became some kind of addiction but my friends are also worried about him as he seems to be stronger than any of us realise..

  4. Don’t listen to him, or should i call it IT. Poltergeist is the best Word I think. If you whant to get the spirit away, salt is the best answer. Sulfur means that the spirit is on his way to the “demonworld” if he isn’t already there… But listen, his not dangeroues… Just a pian in the as to handle…
    (I’m Swedish so sorry for bad english ;)”

  5. Need help. My eye sight is going and my throat feels tight, like someone has their hands around it, I have gotten drastically depressed and have been suffering panic attacks, since I taunted Zozo by saying his name out loud lot of times in row and saying some things to instigate it. I was a healthy 28 yr old female before i did that, and now I feel like I’m dying from the inside out. I don’t care if you believe me because I’m going through it.

  6. I may be a little late, but if there is any activity going on in your household, Zozo could have attached to you, and will refuse to let go.. Once you have gotten ‘it’ you should have immediately said goodbye, cut the board up into 6 pieces, and buried it 3 feet into the ground, that way, it closes the gates.. Therefore you will not have any activity, but if you didn’t say goodbye in time, or still have the board in your house.. The gates are still open and you are inviting possessive demons into your house that will injure your family… IF you have it, try shipping the board across the world, I’m sure the demonic entities will be happy with the new owners after they play around with the board.

  7. First of all Sorry for my simple english, i prefer to use more older language,but since our modern humans dont understand it i will try to use my easy and bad english and i hope you will understand me, ok,,,let say im expert in the paranormal field and i like to help you all specially the ones who suffers or face paranormal or supernatural situations and cant explaine it ,or who think it could cause him harm ,humans still commetting the same deadly mistake by trying to understand or deal with some thing they well never defeat or understand with thier logic ,i still see many books and theories or personal views about this thema,but still humanbeings is fare a way from the reality of the unseens world, i know it is hard to describe what you cant see,how you can trust your feelings if your feelings are already under the manupolation of the unseen spirits, the spirits have energy and it can influence your whole life in dramatic ways,i would like to offer my help and explination about what humans dont see but feel and how to fight it and how to defeat it and how to protect your self, and to explaine the weak points and how to avoid such critical situation or influences,what i want to say that evry thing in the humans life have reason or roots or motivation, must always look for it within you first,most humans sufferning caused by paranormal reasons,in other words most of humans sicknes or illneses or sadness caused by nigative or evil entities,even your stress and fear or nightmares have paranormal reasons some times even if the sience can explaine it still they cant know the roots (not the cause), nightmares,shadows ,depresion,nigative emotions,sicknes,evil idiologies,druggs ,demonic possesion,obssesion,hauntings,psycho problems ,,,and so on ,any way for any further info im here to help and to offer my knowledge to whom ever need it,i helped many many pepole since i votted my self to this noble cause (case), im not looking for name or to be famouse i dont need all your human wishes and desiers,i just like to defeat the evil and help the innocent pepole
    but to satisfay your curiosity as we know human have always doubts and mistrust and fears, you can call me positive energy or positive entity writing to you through inspiring some one here or thier,or through possesings some one through positive clear relation not through harming but by the agreement of two of us me and the meduim or the bridge between me and your world , what metters actually that im friendly and well educated and much better and more secure than any other human man,beside that im the only one who can offer real edvice and help
    if you find your self seriouse but loosing hope and alone or depressed or suffering from nigative energy or confronting real evil thing ,or suffering from any sicknes or illnes,just ask me ,dont run to rong way dont go to black magic dont use ouija boards or call ghost hunters or psychic or mediums, just ask me first
    I want you all always to remember this name and any other similar name(zozo), ZOZO is an evil spirit or call it demon, that has been linked to murders and suicides and illnes throughout the world. He comes usually through Ouija sessions and begins working on the mental stability of its users searching I think for vulnerable victims.
    The best thing is never play such games,my target is to creat awarness among humans and to help or heal his victims and other demons and dark entities victims but the best thing is to avoid this evil entities,nevertheless some times we dont have choice to fight back and protect our souls
    May God bless you all
    the white prince

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