ZoZo tells frightened teens it’s a demon…

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Im not too sure how current your last session about zozo and the ouija board was. but a friend of mine just sent a link of it to me, becuase i told him about all of my ouija board expieriences. I have a group of friends, and the four of us have been playing the board. We get responces like no other, and they’re really fast with it. the only reason the four of us play it is becuase it told us we were the only four out of all of our friends that have power. Me and my friend jenna see ghosts, we feel their presence, and they scare us to the point where we wont even sleep in our own rooms. i sleep in my living room whith all the lights on and the tv so i dont see or hear anything. the other night when we asked the board how many spirts were with us, it said ‘1’. when we asked who it spelled out ‘demon’. well we already knew jenna had her own demon and that she belongs to him, and noone else can have her. but when we asked if it was her demon it said no. and then the pointer turned!

around and pionted directly at me. then it spelled out zozo. were scared, and were not too sure what to do about it. where ever we are we feel like something or someone is watching us. im afraid to do anything becuase it pointed me out. it also said that jennas demon wants to kill me and her boyfriend becusae we’re taking her away from him. she also has 9 other ghosts that remain with her, and in her house. but those are hers. i have one demon and his name is zozo. like i said, this is recent. it just happened 3 days ago. were ganna play the board again this week. but were afraid too. i havent seen him. but jenna has had a dream about him trying to kill her, and so has our friend ryan that plays with us. although it didnt say my demon wanted to kill me? so i kinda feel safe about that. although jennas demon keeps spelling out my name ‘ashley’ and then the word ‘dead’ and then when we ask how it says ‘ring’, like strangle me. and then for her boyfriend. it spells out ‘zack’ ‘d!

ead’ ‘stab’. ive seen a girl in jennas house right after playing the board and started crying. she sees the same one, and a little boy named abum. the girl i assume is jade. we talk to them through the board too. idk, were only 17 years old. ryan and patrice’s powers are physcic, jennas power is ghosts, and i have the same as jenna but more? if you have information that can help us please let me know. thank you.

-ashley white
The Ouija session was interrupted by a sound.

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  1. I recently had a very bad experience with the Ouija Board. I also have news for Darren Evans regarding a message to him from ZoZo. His facebook page is down, but I need to contact him immediately. do you know where/how I can?

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