Zozo The Ouija Demon – April’s Story

My name is April I’m 21 and have a story to tell you about the experience I had with the infamous Ouija Board. You have heard stories of Zozo the demon right? Well he is real and I have read stories on him but didn’t actually think it was true until it happened to me.

Three months ago I had moved in with my sister and I had brought a couple friends over to hang out that evening. We were all smoking a cigarette when I came up with the brilliant idea to play the Ouija Board and ask other worldly spirits questions about the afterlife and questions about the future. Now I have played the board by myself for many years with little to no negative spirits speaking with me, but this evening was different…

We sat at the table and put our hands on the cursor and moved it clockwise around the board as we said Ouija out loud three times. My friends weren’t avid believers in the paranormal or using the board from rumors they had heard. I asked “Is there anyone there?” The cursor moved slowly to yes. “Who are we speaking with?” The cursor repeatedly went from z to o and continued to do so after the question was asked. “What do you want?” it quickly spelled out “her”. “Who is her?” I asked, it spelled out my friends name and I was freaked. “What do you want with her?”, it spelled out “I want her” very quickly.

The cursor returned to moving from the z to the o yet again and I was getting annoyed with this because it wouldn’t tell me why it wanted my friend it just spelled out I want her repeatedly. My friend (the one the demon wanted) stupidly called him a p**** and the board spelled out “death”. That’s when things got bad…

I got angry and told her not to provoke him because he was capable of bad things and I sure as hell didn’t want anything happening to my friends. The other friend just sat there freaked out not speaking the entire time as we continued to ask it questions which I don’t recall.

The cursor began feeling hot under my fingers and I asked my friends if they felt it too, they said they did. I asked it another question but it’s answer didn’t make any sense it spelled out “mama” over and over and would not move to any other letters so I cussed at him because I was getting annoyed. The one friend took his hand off the cursor and refused to play anymore and the atmosphere immediately changed.

I could feel zozo in the room now and the air was heavy and I began to get scared. All of a sudden I didn’t feel like myself I felt as if something was inside me. I felt the most intense hatred I’ve ever felt before. I began to laugh hysterically and then cry like I had no control over my emotions. My mood then turned to hatred again and I turned to look at my friend (the one the demon wanted) with the most evil smile. I felt it inside, it wasn’t me smiling it was this demon. We all stopped playing the board after that but the heavy feeling in the air and its presence remained. It took a bit before everything felt normal again that night and I felt like myself but when it did I was relieved. I feared for my friends safety that night but fortunately none of them experienced anything after leaving.

My advice, DO NOT mess with the Ouija Board.

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  1. Zozo is no joke he will come for you so dont use a wiji board be smart

  2. How can I break a connection with zaza. The episode was several years ago. I had never researched, but nearly pooped my pants when I saw the name. Long story short he was threatening to kill me. I fear he may still be affecting my life
    Anyone knowing how to break a bond, any info would be appreciated.

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